“I made the decision to make the flowers for my own wedding out of paper, and I never thought it would lead to continuing to share my work with other people. I started out thinking I would only make my own bridal bouquet, and it somehow spiraled into making every flower for the wedding. I began experimenting with dying coffee filters and constructing mostly roses, and some made-up flowers that don’t even exist. After discovering that there was a whole online community of very talented paper-flower artists, I was inspired to expand my styles and techniques.

During the process of creating flowers, almost everybody I showed them to loved them, and kept telling me how I should sell them- or asked me what possessed me to take on this task. I also started to think to myself, “What AM I going to do with all these once this is all over…?”. The sentimental part of me didn’t want to completely sell all of them off, and the opportunistic side of me started wondering how I might be able to rent them out to people who wanted the beauty of flowers without the high cost and stress of dealing with fresh flowers. Slowly, the wheels in my mind began turning.

While preparing for my big day, I decided to act as my own wedding planner. It ended up being a great experience in learning the process of planning an event. I realized that flowers are a huge stress-point in wedding planning for many brides-to-be. I heard horror stories from brides I spoke to about flowers’ color being completely wrong due to choosing something out of season, flowers wilting in the heat because of an unexpected heat wave, and overall dissatisfaction with what they got for the price they paid. I realized that with paper flowers, most of the typical concerns were eliminated. The beauty of paper flowers is their predictability: You get to see them well beforehand so you know exactly what you’re getting without any surprises, and they look perfect in pictures regardless of temperature. Typically, the price of renting the flowers is about 80% of what you may pay for traditional living floral arrangements, helping you stay on track with your budget without sacrificing the beauty of flowers. Every order for rental is delivered, set up, and picked up by myself, ensuring the flowers I created are just as beautiful for your event as they were for mine.

It took me a long time (and a lot of encouragement from others) to take the plunge and commit to running my own business. Fortunately, this is a creative outlet that I love, and am inspired to keep creating new flowers and learning different techniques.”